42 Year of proud history Saha Farms Co., Ltd was established in 1969 by Dr. Panya Chotitawan, the Chairman, with the initial chicken raising capacity of 500 chicks. Dr. Panya who deternine to supply the world population with protein food, has opened a supermarket at the farms on Asoke raod selling chicken fresh meat in various cutout sizes. The business had been a success at the start so the company had looked forward to the foreign market. Saha Farms with the cooperation from japanese importer, started exporting processed chicken meat products to japan in 1974 under "KISS" brank name.
Grandparent Stock Farms   Imported U.S. Cobb breed, the type of bird that gives the highest meat yield, are used as grandparent stock at our breeding farms in Pechaboon province. .
Parent Stock Farms  Our  parent stock farms are composed of pullet and laving houses with automatic feeder and drinking water in a closed house system called the Evaporative..
Hatcheries  on an area of 48 acres, the facility has the capacity to produce 60 million chicks annually with 36 hatcheries and 36 incubators. The hatchery uses the latest available..
Broiler Farms    Our broiler farms emphasize the tender loving care of the chicken enabling them to be healthy and fast growing. This is accomplished of our veterinarians and animal..
SILO & Feed mills     Corn brought from farmers around then country goes directly to the dryer to reduce its moisture to 14.5% level, The corn then redried and stored as raw material ..
Processing Plants       Full grown chicken both from the company farms and contract farms are transported to the clean, hygienic and modern processing plants.

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All production Process

With the determination to invert on research and development the company was awarded with the world latest standards which in clude ISO 9002, HACCP tht is in line with the company's ploicy to supply quality food for the world.
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