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    Witch 22% market share of the total export. Saha Farms's products domainated the markets in Japan, England , Germany, China, Netherlands, Belgium etc.
Company Profile :   Broiler Farms

     Our broiler farms emphasize the tender loving care of the chicken enabling them to be healthy and fast growing. This is accomplished of our veterinarians and animal husbandry personnel. Strict quality feed control coupled with probiotic and herbs; the sound environment and hygiene are the main ingredients of healthy broiler chicken.

     Our own broiler farms have the potential of sending more than 120,000 chicken per day to the processing plants, where they are turned into raw materials for the best quality products.

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All production Process

With the determination to invert on research and development the company was awarded with the world latest standards which in clude ISO 9002, HACCP tht is in line with the company's ploicy to supply quality food for the world.
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