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            To build a house for good and healthy. Need to look at the foundation. The step by step steadily.

        Since 1969, Saha Farms CO.,Ltd has operated Fully integrated poultry business with the recognized expertise over 40 years with a commitment to highest-quality and best tasting products. Frozen poultry products from Saha Farms Group have been distributed throughout the nation and exported worldwide. Saha Farm was the first company in Thailand's history to utilize antibiotic-free chickens with no use of vaccinations as well as a leader for Soi Society in compartmentalization system of the world

         In the year 1983. Dr. Panya Chotitawan, the founder and Chairman of Saha Farms, expanded the company and established Health Food Co. Ltd. Utilizing it's very own highest quality chickens, Health Food was created to develop chicken-based processed foods for consumption, with a commitment to healthy eating. One of the main focuses of this company is to develop and produce food products that are in compliance with global food safety standards whilw fulfilling customer satisfaction. Our Research and Development team utilizes modern technology to create innovative products. All products are strictly examined before distribution to ensure world-class quality. We are proudly accredited by Food Safety. Q Marks, GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001 :2000, and Halal (nationally and internationally).
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All production Process

With the determination to invert on research and development the company was awarded with the world latest standards which in clude ISO 9002, HACCP tht is in line with the company's ploicy to supply quality food for the world.
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